Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Formula Grant Program (JAG)

This is a formula grant program, allocated through the US Department of Justice, to fund criminal justice activities. ARRA provided $2.0 billion in funding for this program nationwide. Of that, Ohio jurisdictions are eligible for up to approximately $61.6 million, and of that, Cincinnati is eligible for up to $2,418,209.

On April 15, 2009, City Council passed Ord.# 0096-2009 authorizing the City Manager to apply for and accept this funding in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding required by the grant guidance and attached thereto.  The application was submitted to the US Department of Justice by the deadline of May 18, 2009. At it’s final meeting before Summer Recess, Council passed Ordinance #200901013 finalizing approval of the Memorandum of Understanding and authorizing the City Manager to accept funds under the program.

  • JAG grant memo
  • Ordinance #0096-2009 authorizing the City Manager to apply and accept JAG funding
  • JAG program information
  • US Dept. of Justice Recovery Website