Meet The Staff

Meet The Staff

Meet The Staff

Jon Harmon

Jon J. Harmon

Having moved to Cincinnati to attend the University of Cincinnati, Jon J. Harmon transitioned from a career in non-profit arts management to politics and government when he was asked to manage the long-shot city council campaign of first-time candidate Chris Seelbach.

After managing a successful campaign, Jon was fortunate enough to join Councilmember Seelbach at City Hall as Legislative Director in December of 2011.

Originally from Orange County, California, Jon quickly fell in love with Cincinnati; it’s history, uniqueness and charm.

Hoping to continue Cincinnati’s revival, Jon’s interests lie in reviving the pedestrian character of our neighborhoods that led to our great business districts, growing local businesses, especially family-owned shops, and finding ways that promote more environmentally friendly living in Cincinnati.

Shirley Dunham

Shirley A. Dunham

Shirley A. Dunham has 23 years of experience working with the City of Cincinnati.

Having begun her career in Public Service in 1987, Shirley has worked in departments such as Police Records, Income Tax, Human Resources, and the City Manager’s Office (Media & Legislation).

Additionally, she has spent nine years working as a Council Assistant. During the eight-year term of the late Vice-Mayor David Crowley, she served as his Administrative Assistant and is currently the Administrative Director to Councilmember Chris Seelbach.

Shirley has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience having had the opportunity to work in both the Administration and City Council.