Retirement Eligibility

Retirement Eligibility

Normal, Reduced Or Early Retirement

Your eligibility for normal, reduced, or early retirement is determined by your group assignment.

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Disability Retirement Eligibility

If you become totally and permanently disabled, you are entitled to a monthly disability retirement benefit as long as you have completed five or more years service.  If you are  disabled as a result of an accident while on the job, you are entitled to a monthly disability retirement benefit regardless of the number of years of service.

All applications for disability retirements are reviewed and approved by the Board of Trustees. Applicants are also required to undergo a medical evaluation by the Board’s designated physician.

Deferred Retirement

Members who are vested (minimum 5 Years Service Credit) and separate from employment BEFORE retirement eligibility may defer their retirement, provided that their pension contributions are kept on deposit with CRS.

Members who choose a deferred retirement are eligible for monthly pension benefits on the 1st day of the month following the member’s eligible birthday (Retirement eligibility rules are determined by the member’s group assignment).