Cartons Now Accepted In City Recycling

Nov. 18

Cartons Can Now Be Placed In Curbside Recycling

The City of Cincinnati announced the expansion of its recycling program to include cartons.

Residents are now able to include refrigerated and shelf-stable cartons -- such as soup, milk, juice, soy and other beverage and food cartons -- in their recycling containers for curbside collection.

This translates into a more robust recycling program for residents, and increased revenue opportunity for the community -- a win-win, especially in tight economic times.

"The City of Cincinnati strives to be as environmentally responsible as possible," said Larry Falkin, Director, Office of Sustainability and Environment. "This initiative by the Carton Council allows residents to divert more waste by adding cartons to our curbside recycling program and the drop-off locations."

Cartons are growing in popularity as a food and beverage packaging solution, and they are appearing more and more on grocery store shelves.

Communities like Cincinnati realize that they must have a recycling solution for cartons, and that when they are added into the recycling stream, they can deliver value back to the community.

Currently, carton recycling programs occur in 45 states in the U.S., which gives more than 116 million people (or 46% of the US population) access. While this is significant, the Carton Council is not satisfied and wants to continue increasing access and awareness of carton recycling.

"We are excited that Cincinnati is now on board with carton recycling, providing enhanced recycling opportunities to its residents," said Jason Pelz, Vice President of Recycling for the Carton Council. "Cincinnati is a demonstrating its commitment and leadership by offering this new standard for recycling programs."

Residents of Cincinnati may place cartons in their recycling container beginning Nov. 18, 2013.

To recycle cartons, residents of Cincinnati may place empty cartons in their recycling container along with all paper, metal cans, plastic bottles (caps can be left on!), and glass recyclables accepted through the program.  

For a complete list of recyclable items, to request a recycle cart, or for more information visit the Recyclable Items page or call the recycling hotline at 513-352-5332.

Cartons accepted

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