City-/State-Funded Construction Projects

Prevailing Wages: City- & State-Funded Construction

All contractors and subcontractors on City projects must pay the appropriate Ohio prevailing wage rate (when applicable) to all craftsman, tradesman, laborers, and mechanics that work on the project.

City or state funding sources will be guided by the Ohio prevailing wage rates for Hamilton County. 

The prevailing wage rate may change during the course of a project. The contractor/subcontractor is responsible for paying any changes in the applicable wage rates.

The prevailing wage rate for job classifications are effective on the dates indicated and must be reflected on the pay period that corresponds with the effective date. The wage rates are to be posted at the construction site by the contractor in a place that is visible to all employees. 

Current Prevailing Wage Rates

Please contact the Office of Contract Compliance at 513-352-3144, for a copy of the State Residential Prevailing Wage Rates (i.e., for residential buildings at or less than four stories).

Prevailing Wage Notification

The contractor/subcontractor must provide each non-union employee with written notification of the job classification(s) to which the employee is assigned, the applicable prevailing wage rate -- separated into the hourly rate of pay and the fringe benefit payments -- and identity of the City's appointed prevailing wage coordinator.

The Prevailing Wage Notification Form must be filed with Office of Contract Compliance with the first submission of certified payroll.

In lieu of the prevailing wage notification forms, union contractors must submit a signed letter on the contractors' letterhead indicating which union(s) represent(s) their employees.


Apprentices working on a project covered by Ohio prevailing wages must belong to a bona fide apprenticeship program registered with the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training.

Mandated ratios between journeymen and apprentices must be followed. The mandated ratios can be found on the Ohio prevailing wage rate sheet for the job classification in question.

Apprenticeship papers must be filed with Office of Contract Compliance with submission of the first certified payroll that the apprentice appears. Employees listed as an apprentice by the contractor that do not belong in an apprenticeship program registered with the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training must be paid the full journeyman rate for the appropriate classification.

Payroll Reporting

Contractors and subcontractors are required by law to submit certified payroll reports for work on projects covered by Ohio's Prevailing Wage Law. Payroll records are needed by the Office of Contract Compliance to ensure compliance to the applicable prevailing wage laws.

The certified payroll reports must include:

  • any wages paid to employees
  • employee's name
  • employee's current address
  • employee's Social Security number
  • number of hours worked each day during the week
  • total of hours worked for the week
  • employee's hourly rate of pay
  • employee's job classification
  • employee's fringe payments
  • deductions from the employee's wages

All payroll forms are to be submitted to the prime contractor by the subcontractors. Certified payroll reports should be submitted to the Office of Contract Compliance on a weekly basis.

During a week of no work, payroll reports are to be filled out as usual with the words "NO WORK PERFORMED THIS WEEK."

Payment of all invoices is contingent on the timely submission and the accuracy of the certified payrolls.

Payroll Reporting Form

This Payroll Reporting Form meets the reporting requirements established by the Ohio Revised Code (Chapter 4115). The use of this form is not mandatory; employers may submit their own forms so long as all of the required information is included. You may find these Instructions & Tips useful as you submit your payroll reports.

When Work Is Complete

Each contractor/subcontractor must write "FINAL" on the last payroll when their work on the project is complete.

They must also complete and notarize the Affidavit of Contractor or Subcontractor Prevailing Wages (Form 104) and file it with Office of Contract Compliance. The Affidavit should cover the first date and last date (in month/date/year format) that the contractor/subcontractor worked on the site, including any applicable punch list period. This form must also be executed and sworn to by the officer or agent of the contractor/subcontractor who supervises the payment of employees.

Use Of Subcontractors

The City of Cincinnati requires that all subcontractors, regardless of tier, be approved by the Office of Contract Compliance prior to starting work on a City project. The approval process is to ensure that firms or individuals that are to work on City projects are not suspended or debarred by the State of Ohio or are otherwise not eligible to perform work on publicly funded projects.

All subcontractors are to complete the Subcontractor Approval Form 2004 in its entirety and submit it to the contractor. The contractor will then request that the City approve the subcontractor by submitting the Subcontractor Approval Form 2004 to the Office of Contract Compliance, two weeks prior to the subcontractor’s estimated start date, for review.

After receipt of the Subcontractor Approval Form 2004, the City will notify the contractor whether the subcontractor has been approved or reasons why approval can not be granted.

Changing Subcontractors

On projects subject to a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) participation goal, when substituting an SBE contractor, a Subcontractor Substitution Form 2006 must be submitted to Office of Contract Compliance for review and approval before the requested subcontractor begins work. A valid reason must be provided to Office of Contract Compliance for review and approval before a cancellation of contract can be with a City-certified SBE.

Please note: Unless otherwise authorized by the City’s Contract Compliance Officer, the contractor has to replace an SBE with another SBE in order to maintain the project/contract’s SBE participation goal.

Reporting Payments To Subcontractors

The City of Cincinnati uses an online system, SubConTrak, to track and monitor payments made to subcontractors and to provide a visual tool for monitoring progress towards achieving a project's SBE participation goal. The information reported must be accurate and include all subcontractors that work on the site.

Regarding suppliers, if the supplier is not a certified City of Cincinnati SBE, they do not have to be listed on SubConTrak. Only SBE suppliers need to be listed in SubConTrak. SubConTrak needs to be maintained and updated periodically (at least, before the submission of any invoice into the City).

The website for SubConTrak is

Questions? Please contact Edgar De Veyra at 513-352-3142 or at

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Reporting

The Monthly Utilization Report (Form 257) is to be completed by each contractor (both prime and sub) and filed by the 10th day of each month during the term of the contract to include the total work hours on all projects, public and private, and for each craft/trade in Hamilton County for the monthly reporting period. The prime contractor will submit a report of his own field workforce via City’s online tracking system, SubConTrak, and collect and submit into OCC a hardcopy of the Form 257 from each subcontractor.

EEO Poster

As part of the City of Cincinnati's commitment to equal employment opportunity, City policy requires the posting of a complete EEO poster setting forth the provisions of the City’s nondiscrimination clause. It must be posted in a conspicuous place and available to employees and applicants for employment.

If you have any questions regarding its use, or if you would like to request a copy of the poster, please call the Office of Contract Compliance at 513-352-3144.

SuperJobs Reporting

All construction contractors with a City of Cincinnati construction contract must use their best efforts to post available employment opportunities within the contractor’s organization or the organization of any subcontractor working with the contractor with the SuperJobs Center.

To meet the job posting requirement, contractors should contact the SuperJobs Center whenever they or any of their subcontractor(s) have available employment opportunities within their organization.

To mail information about employment opportunities to the SuperJobs Center, please send it to:

SuperJobs Center
1916 Central Pkwy.
Cincinnati, OH  45214-2305.

You can also contact SuperJobs at 513-458-6599 or Please address all correspondence to the Business Services Manager.

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