Code Of Ethics

Purchasing Code Of Ethics

A. Declaration of Policy

Proper operation of the City requires that:

  1. Actions of public employees be impartial.
  2. Government decisions and policies be made in the proper channels of government structure.
  3. Public office not be used for personal gain.
  4. The public have confidence in the integrity of its government. The purpose of this Code of Ethics is to apply to and give guidance to all officials and employees so that they may conduct themselves in a manner which will be compatible with the best interest of themselves and of the City of Cincinnati.

It is also the policy and purpose of this Code to protect government integrity and to facilitate the recruitment and retention of personnel needed by the City without creating unnecessary barriers to public service.

B. Goals

  1. To protect and enhance the reputation of the City of Cincinnati and its employees.
  2. To treat all citizens equally with courtesy and impartiality, and refrain from granting any special advantage to any citizen beyond what is available to all citizens.
  3. To give efficient, productive, and economic service to the public.
  4. To avoid real or potential conflicts between private and public duties, remembering that the public interest must be the principal concern.
  5. To keep confidential all information acquired by reason of one's position which may be used for personal or financial gain for the employee or other persons.
  6. To refrain from securing special privileges or exemptions for one's self or one's relatives or other persons that are not available to all citizens.
  7. To avoid receiving, soliciting or otherwise obtaining anything of value from any other public official, employee or citizen which is intended to influence the performance of official duties.
  8. To use City vehicles, equipment, supplies, and/or property only for City work, and not for personal benefit or profit, except when it is available to the public generally or provided by administrative regulations.
  9. To disclose to the appropriate authority as defined in the code of Ethic Guidelines the nature and extent of any financial or personal interest in a City contract, legislation, or in any type of transaction involving the City, when participating in the development of or giving an official opinion on the matter.
  10. To cooperate fully with other employees unless prohibited by law or confidentiality.
  11. To handle all matters of personnel with impartiality and fairness.