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Office of Contract Compliance

The Office on Contract Compliance, as part of the Office of the City Manager, is responsible for administering, enforcing, and monitoring the Equal Employment Opportunity Program; the Small Business Enterprise Program; the Living Wage Program; and the Prevailing Wage laws.

The Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Program  provides small business certification to assist in meeting the City’s total contracting goals. As part of the Green Cincinnati Plan, the Office of Contract Compliance is assisting small businesses to practice good environmental stewardship and transition to sustainable operations in order to gain a competitive advantage.

The Office of Contract Compliance is led by Rochelle Thompson. Read More

Purchasing Division

The Purchasing Division of the Finance Department is charged with the acquisition of all supplies, materials and equipment required by departments and offices of city government.

Specifications for goods and services are made available to vendors who are interested in submitting bids for consideration by the division.

The Purchasing Division is led by Michael Cervay, Finance Manager/City Purchasing Agent. Read More

Contact Purchasing & Contract Compliance

Purchasing Division
Two Centennial Plaza
805 Central Avenue, Suite 234
Cincinnati, OH 45202
513-352-1537 (fax)

Office of Contract Compliance
Two Centennial Plaza
805 Centennial Plaza, Suite 222
Cincinnati, OH 45202
513-352-3157 (fax)

Green Business Education Series

The City’s Office of Contract Compliance is collaborating with Metropolitan Sewer District and the Green Umbrella campaign to present a series of webinars, green business assessments to identify impact issues, and online training to improve the sustainability performance of small and diverse vendors and potential vendors.

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