Trash Cart FAQs

Why are we getting trash carts?

Trash carts are designed to protect workers' health and improve efficiency – both of which will save taxpayer money.

The metal lift bar on your trash cart lets the City move to semi-automated trash collection. That means workers won't manually lift and dump your trash anymore. Instead, a mechanical "flipper" will do most of the heavy work. This will help reduce worker injuries, saving taxpayer money in the long run.

Eventually, the City plans to move to one-person collection crews. That means some employees can be moved to work on other important city services.

Why are we getting trash carts when the city is facing a budget deficit?

The money for trash carts comes from the Capital Fund. The budget deficit affects the Operating Fund. These funds are legally separated from one another. The money for the carts cannot be used to pay for city workers, such as police officers and fire fighters.

However, trash carts are designed help fix the budget deficit: By reducing worker injuries and reducing the amount of trash that is collected, the City will reduce its expenses in the Operating Fund.

What should I do with my old trash cans?

If you want to dispose of your old trash can, set it out on your regular collection day. The can must be turned upside-down and labeled "remove."

If you want to reuse your old trash cans for yard waste, clearly label them with the words "Yard Waste."

Can I swap for smaller/larger trash cart?

Yes! Please use the 65-gallon trash cart for at least 2 weeks before deciding to swap.

Visit to swap for a smaller (35 gallon) or larger (95 gallon) trash cart.

Can I get more than one trash cart?

No. Each household only receives one trash cart.

However, if you would like you reduce your amount of trash by recycling more, you can request an additional recycling cart at

What if I have more trash around holidays?

The City will announce Trash Amnesty Weeks around certain holidays. During these specific weeks, you may set out more holiday-related trash than will fit inside your cart. However, bulky items (furniture, tires, etc.) must still be scheduled as normal.

Will you collect extra trash?

Only the trash that fits in your cart will be collected. Bulky items can be scheduled for a special pickup by calling 513 591 6000.

Will I be charged for my cart?

Trash carts are being paid for from the City's capital funds. You will not receive a special bill specific to the trash carts.

I am being told I will no longer get City trash collection. What’s the deadline for me to find a private trash hauler?

You have until October 7, 2013 to hire a commercial waste hauler since after that date the City will no longer service commercial buildings, mixed use buildings or buildings with 5 or more residential units.

Do I hire them, or does the City?

You must hire a commercial waste hauler that has a franchise agreement with the City.  A list of franchisees is available on our website (after May 1, 2013).

Can I take my own trash to a dump?

You must follow all state and local laws regarding proper disposal of solid waste.  If you take your trash to a licensed solid waste facility, you will have to pay a tipping fee.

I already have a contract with Rumpke. Will my rates go up?

Beginning May 1, 2013, all waste haulers collecting commercial waste within the City will pay a 10% franchise fee to the City.  Haulers may choose to pass this cost along to the customer as a rate increase.

Do I pay the city or my waste hauler?

The waste hauler is responsible for payment of all franchise fees as part of their franchise agreement with the City.