CPD Works Hard To Recruit More Diversified, Talented Class

Jul. 21

CPD Works Hard To Recruit More Diversified, Talented Class

104th Police Recruit Class Boasts 45% Female & Minority Candidates

The Cincinnati Police Department has completed the selection process for the upcoming recruit class slated to begin training on Sept. 2, 2014.

The 104th Recruit Class appointed by Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell contains 60 individuals including 13 African-American males, four African-American females, 10 white females, and 33 white males.

With more than 2,000 applicants vying for the 60 open spots, Chief Blackwell is proud of the 45% “minority sum" as computed in law enforcement policing models which include female candidates and minorities due to their historic underrepresentation that has existed in American policing. 

“Perspective, balance, and increased efficiencies are all by-products of a diverse workforce,” according to Blackwell.

Blackwell dismisses others who suggest that standards must be compromised in an effort to increase minority participation in a profession largely dominated by white males. Blackwell offers that minority candidates will only consider joining a department that very visibly has a culture of respect and inclusion, and one that demonstrates fair and equitable treatment of its citizenry.

"Qualified minority candidates are out there and they can pass the background and other pre-employment reviews as long as these processes are fair and impartial," says Chief Blackwell. "Having a workplace that resembles your communities’ demographics is critically important in your public service delivery efforts and we are proud of that in Cincinnati."

In addition to traditional recruiting methods, the Department used Facebook, Twitter, and various other social media employment sites with an emphasis on attracting qualified female, minority and millennial candidates.

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