District 5

Captain Bridget BarduaDistrict 5: Capt. Bridget Bardua

District 5 police serve the communities of Clifton Heights-University Heights-Fairview, Camp Washington, Clifton, Northside, Winton Hills, Winton Place, College Hill, and Mt. Airy. This also includes a large portion of the University of Cincinnati, whose main campus is situated within the boundaries of District 5. These communities represent a rich economic and social diversity, including retail stores, light and heavy industry, interstate highways, several institutes of higher learning, and residential communities ranging from public housing to million dollar homes.

Capt. Bridget Bardua commands District 5. She manages four lieutenants, of which three are responsible for commanding the three patrol shifts. The fourth lieutenant commands the Investigative Unit, the Violent Crimes Squad, and Neighborhood Liason Unit.

There are 129 sworn officers assigned to serve the citizens and visitors to District 5. They provide uniform patrol in cars, on bicycle and on foot. They also provide statistical, crime prevention, and educational information, conduct criminal investigations and participate in problem-solving activities.

In addition to the sworn officers, there are five civilian employees assigned to District Five who provide technical assistance and expertise. District 5 officers strive to improve the quality of life in its neighborhoods by partnering with residents, business owners, property owners, and other interested parties.

The "Citizens On Patrol", a group of citizens who are trained by the police to recognize, identify, and report hazardous conditions and suspicious activity, is one example of the police partnering with the community.

District 5 officers also partner with members of the Code Enforcement Response Team (C.E.R.T.) to resolve non-police-related issues and other "non-traditional" problems. Some examples of this include making modifications to lighting, roadways, or the timing of traffic lights at intersections with a high incident of injury auto accidents; abandoned buildings that are used as havens for runaways, drug dealers, and prostitutes; and properties with high grass, weeds, litter, and other debris.

The emphasis is on community-building and involvement by these stakeholders to identify problems and work collaboratively towards reducing or eliminating these incidents while improving the quality of life within our communities.