District 1

Captain Lisa DavisCapt. Lisa Davis

District 1, under the command of Capt. Lisa Davis, is responsible for patrolling and policing five neighborhoods: the  Mt. Adams, Over-the-Rhine, Pendleton, Queensgate and the West End.

 District 1 is home to:

  • Contemporary Arts Center
  • Music Hall
  • Ensemble Theatre
  • Art Academy of Cincinnati

District 1 is divided into three uniformed patrol shifts, the Downtown Services Unit, the Event Planning Unit, and the Investigative Unit. A lieutenant manages each of the three shifts and the three specialized units.

  • Patrol Shifts: Three primary shifts provide uniformed patrol and policing for the district.  Various methods of patrol are used, including patrol cars, motorcycles, bicycle and walking.
  • Investigative Unit: The unit is divided into two areas; Detectives and Violent Crimes Squad. Detectives in the unit are assigned misdemeanor and felony cases for follow-up investigations.
    • The Violent Crimes Squad conducts felony warrant service, responds to and investigates violent crimes, and conducts investigations into district level vice complaints.
  • Neighborhood Liaison Officer: This officer is assigned to assist the community with special needs and long-term problem solving.  These officers work on various projects to address crime, disorder and quality-of-life issues in the community.  A mental health caseworker from University Hospital is also assigned to the unit to assist officers in dealing with mental health consumers.