Cincinnati Initiative To Reduce Violence

About CIRV

The Cincinnati Initiative to Reduce Violence (CIRV) is a multi-agency and community collaborative effort initiated in 2007 designed to quickly and dramatically reduce gun-violence and associated homicides, with sustained reductions over time. The initiative is a focused-deterrence strategy which is modeled after the Boston Gun Project from the mid-1990s.

A partnership among multiple law enforcement agencies (local, state and federal), social service providers and the community has been established to deliver a clear message to violent street groups: the violence must stop. This message is communicated through a number of different mechanisms, including call-in sessions with probationers and parolees; direct contact through street workers (street advocates), police, probation, and parole officers; community outreach; and media outlets.

Law enforcement agencies have gathered intelligence on violent street group networks, and consequences are delivered to the street groups that continue to engage in violence. Those offenders seeking a more productive lifestyle are provided streamlined social services, training, education, and employment opportunities. The community and law enforcement are working as partners and as a result, strengthening their relationship. Since 1998, homicides steadily increased, reaching a modern-day high of 89 homicides in 2006, with an average of 73.3 homicides per year from 2001 to 2006.

CIRV's Impact

CIRV is specifically designed to impact gun-related violence in a target population (chronic violent offenders affiliated with street groups). In 2007, homicides declined to 68 -- biggest single year decline in homicides since 1991.

Reduction in the cumulative homicide count began in April 2007 and continued throughout the year.  While not definitive, this decrease is consistent with the expected reductions in violence commonly associated with this type of focused deterrence strategy. Full evaluation of CIRV impact cannot be assessed for 12-18 months.

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Cincinnati Initiative To Reduce Violence
S. Gregory Baker, Executive Director