Map: Look Up Your Zoning

Searchable Map: Look Up Your Current & Proposed Zoning

As we work to update the Cincinnati Zoning Code and Maps, we'd like to hear your thoughts on the proposals and drafts. This map will let you view your current zoning and your proposed zoning.

How Do I Use This Map?

  1. Type in your address at the top right of this map to find your property.
  2. Click to the left of the arrow that points to your property. A new box should appear. (Note: Click on the map, not the Location box.)

    Click on the map itself, not the bubble

  3. Initially, this new box will show your proposed zoning district. Your proposed zoning district will have a short description and an image below it. Click on the image to see the proposed regulations for your property.
  4. Click on the small white arrow at the top right to switch to your existing zoning.

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