Public View Corridor Overlay (PV Overlay)


The 2007 Cincinnati Scenic View Study identified 48 public view corridors that merited a high priority for protection. This rating was based on the quality of the view, the land use types around the view location, the seasonal availability of the view and safety of the view. Also identified in the study were five broad strategies: education and awareness, proactive vegetation management, expanding connectivity, view shed conservancy and retooling the Cincinnati Zoning Code.

On June 25, 2008 Cincinnati City Council approved the eight Scenic View Study Recommendations included in item #200800756 and that the Zoning Code Review Committee, already established by the City Planning Commission, review and provide the necessary amendments to accomplish recommendation number five which deals with the creation of View Protection Overlay districts to be incorporated in the Cincinnati Zoning Code (#200800845).

The proposed Public View Corridor Overlay District will ensure that high priority views are respected. The proposed Public View Corridor Overlay District has been written specifically for high priority for protection views identified in the 2007 Scenic View Study. Presently there is no protection for specific view corridors within the Cincinnati Zoning Code. The Public View Corridor Overlay District will only apply to structures that penetrate the defined view plane for each view corridor. The Public View Corridor Overlay District will initially be applied to 50 public scenic views that have been mapped by a certified surveyor.