City Planning

City Planning

Planning Projects & Studies

Pleasant Ridge Plan

The neighborhood of Pleasant Ridge is updating their Market Study and Vision Plan.

University Impact Area Solutions Study

Solutions study of the neighborhoods around the University of Cincinnati Main Campus focused on issues related to zoning and new development, housing and neighborhood conditions, quality of life, connectivity, and parking.

Carthage Neighborhood Strategy

The Carthage Neighborhood Enhancement Program, which took place from September to November 2013, was a great success! The next step is to develop a Strategic Plan for the Carthage Neighborhood that will guide the future redevelopment and revitalization of our community.

Form-Based Code

The City of Cincinnati has developed a Form-Based Code as part of the Land Development Code process.  The Form-Based Code is a tool that neighborhoods and/or developers can voluntarily choose to implement in the compact walkable areas as defined by Plan Cincinnati.

Land Development Code

The City's initiative engages residents and businesses to transform land development regulations to ensure they work better for all of us.

Plan Cincinnati

Plan Cincinnati is a comprehensive document that will serve as a long-range plan to guide and manage growth, protect the environment and influence future development in our City.