Premium Services

To better accommodate the often-changing needs of development while providing customized services and "just-in-time" permit approval and inspections, the City of Cincinnati's Department of City Planning and Buildings offers Optional Premium Services:

Phased Permitting

Separate permits covering the different phases of construction of a building or structure. There is a $158 surcharge to Usual and Customary (U&C) permit fees for each phase.

After-Hours/Weekend Plan Examination

Billed at cost, plus $105 per hour in addition to the walk-through fee of $420, the regular permit fee and any other fees that may accrue thereafter.

Express Plan Examination

Proposed project construction team (architect, developer, contractor, etc.) meet face-to-face with City permitting team daily during business hours until the project plans are either approved and permit ready for issuance, or changes/revisions required are beyond what is possible during the express meeting.

There is a $525 application fee with plans submitted two weeks in advance, plus $840 per hour over and above U&C fees.

Same-Day Permit Issuance

Permit applications approved by all reviewing agencies will be issued the same day as approval as long as the request is received by Noon.

There is a $263 surcharge to U&C permit fees.

Same-Day Building Inspections

If a request for an inspection is received by noon, the inspection will be performed after-hours on the same day.

This is billed at cost plus $158 surcharge.

After-Hours/Weekend Inspections

Billed at cost, plus $79 surcharge for such requests.

The additional fees that the developer or construction professional incurs when they ask for the premium services cover the enhanced service costs. This system enables those who do not seek the Optional Premium Services to receive the same level of service currently provided by the City.