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College Hill Form-Based Code Zone Changes Public Meeting

Oct. 22




For 5 years, College Hill residents, business owners, and property owners have worked towards bringing a new tool for economic development to the neighborhood. It is called Form-Based Code and will replace the City’s current zoning code in parts of College Hill, specifically around the business district at Hamilton & North Bend.

On Tuesday, October 22, 2013 at 7:00 p.m., you are invited to ask questions and learn more about what this means for you, your property, and the neighborhood. The meeting will be held at the College Hill Recreation Center (5545 Belmont Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45224).

Why did College Hill pursue this new way of zoning?

  1. Form-Based Code zoning will allow the development of vacant land in the neighborhood business district into mixed-use development, where housing, retail, and office space can co-exist —just like College Hill used to be! The current zoning requires the separation of uses, making the desired development more difficult.
  2. Form-Based Code zoning primarily focuses on the form of the buildings, and the use of the building is secondary. College Hill’s Code, created by College Hill’s stakeholders, shows developers the type of new construction the neighborhood wants to see. This zoning was initiated and created by College Hill’s community members.
  3. Form-Based Code zoning emphasizes people and public spaces.
  4. Form-Based Code zoning will help revive the character of College Hill.  It will only affect new development in the neighborhood.  This is meant to help College Hill develop in the way the community envisions the future of the neighborhood.


Comments and/or questions may be directed to:

Alex Peppers, City Planner

Department of City Planning and Buildings

Two Centennial Plaza

805 Central Avenue, Suite 720

Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

(513) 352-4853 (fax)

(513) 352-4855 (phone)

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