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Cincinnati Form-Based Code to Livable Communities Committee

Apr. 24

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Cincinnati Form-Based Code

The final draft of the Cincinnati Form-Based Code has been approved by the City Planning Commission on March 7, 2013 with revisions.  Those revisions have been made and the document has been scheduled before the Livable Communities Committee of City Council.  The document can be downloaded by clicking: Cincinnati Form-Based Code.


The public hearing is scheduled before the Livable Communities Committee on Tuesday, May 7, 2013 at 1:00 PM in City Council Chambers on the third floor of City Hall (801 Plum Street, 45202).  City Planning staff will be present to give a presentation on the Cincinnati Form-Based Code.


The process of developing our Form-Based Code has been underway for over four years now.  The Form-Based Code Working Group, comprised of neighborhood leaders, organizations, City staff, and guided by Vice Mayor Qualls, has been diligently meeting and working in the development of the Code. 


City Planning staff has been able to use part of the $2.4 million grant received from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to hire a comprehensive consulting team to help in the process and development of the Cincinnati Form-Based Code. 


A City-wide Charrette was held in April and May of 2012 to include the public and all Cincinnati neighborhoods in the process.  City Planning staff received a public review draft of the document in September of 2012.  A special public hearing before the City Planning Commission was held in mid-October of 2012 to explain the document and what it meant for the City. 


A Neighborhood Charrette was held in October and November of 2012 to focus in on four neighborhoods that stepped up to volunteer (and help finance) the implementation of the Form-Based Code in their neighborhood.  These neighborhoods include College Hill, Madisonville, Walnut Hills, and Westwood.  Visions for these neighborhoods along with draft regulating plans were developed and can be moved forward once the text amendment of the Cincinnati Form-Based Code is approved by City Council. 


All questions or comments can be directed to:

Alex Peppers, City Planner


City of Cincinnati Department of City Planning and Buildings
Two Centennial Plaza, 805 Central Avenue, Suite 720, Cincinnati, OH 45202


Download the revised Cincinnati Form-Based Code that was approved by the City Planning Commission

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