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Note: All telephone numbers are area code 513.

Customer Service

General Information 352-3271 352-2579 (fax)  
Teia Letcher, Supervisor 352-2379

Plans Examination

General Information 352-3313 352-2378 (fax)  
Robert Martin, Supervisor 352-2456

Click here for a full list of Zoning/Building Plans Examiners

Building Construction Inspections

General Information 352-3267 352-1598 (fax)  
Rick Schriewer, Supervisor 352-4793 615-7433 (cell)
General Building & HVAC Inspections
Eugene Lackey, Supervising Inspector 352-4787 615-7530 (cell)
Jim McFarland, Supervising Inspector 352-1588 615-7440 (cell)
Click here for a full list of General Building & HVAC Inspectors
Plumbing Inspections
General Information 352-3280 352-1598 (fax)  
Steve Hafele, Supervising Inspector 352-3281 615-7735 (cell)
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Elevator Inspections
General Information 352-3270 352-1504 (fax)  
Steve Behrle, Supervising Inspector 352-2576 615-7739 (cell)
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Electrical Inspections
Inspection Bureau, Inc. 381-6080 381-6123 (fax)  

Zoning & Land Use

Historic Conservation
Larry Harris, Urban Conservator 352-4848
Zoning Administration
Rodney Ringer 352-4847

Department Administration

General Information 352-4845    
Charles Graves III, Director 352-4851

Other Enforcement Areas

Zoning Administration: The City’s Zoning Code regulates the use and development of land. This code is designed to protect property values by preventing the location of incompatible uses in close proximity to one another. Zoning regulations also help to maintain the character of established neighborhoods and prevents inappropriate activities (such as auto repair) in residential areas. Each application is reviewed for Zoning Code compliance.

Phone: 513-352-3313

HVAC and Mechanical: Heating (furnaces, wood burning stoves, fireplaces, etc.), ventilating, air conditioning, fuel burning and related devices require permits for installation or replacement. These inspections are designed to minimize the dangers which can be associated with the installation and use of such mechanical equipment.

Phone: 513-352-3781

Plumbing: By examining all plumbing permit applications and inspecting the work as in progresses, this section strives to protect the health and safety of the community. All plumbing -- including replacement and repair or alteration, as well as storm drainage and sewers on private property -- is inspected by the Plumbing Section. Complaints pertaining to plumbing are also handled by this section.

Phone: 513-352-3280

Elevators: The staff of the Elevator Section examines plans for the installation, alteration, or repair of freight and passenger elevators, sidewalk lifts, ash hoists, dumbwaiters, and moving stairways. Inspections are performed at the time of the initial installation and periodically thereafter to assure compliance with the Cincinnati Building Code.

Phone: 513-352-3270

Planning: City Planning makes recommendations to the City Planning Commission, Council and citizens regarding the land use and development issues as regulated by zoning, subdivisions, and special overlay district regulations/guidelines or charter. If your project requires a Zone Change, Historic Conservation Review, Variances or Pre-Development Conference, you should start by contacting the Division of Planning. Please call the following numbers to get more information:

Zone Changes: 513-352-4859

Historic Conservation Reviews: 513-352-4848

Variances: 513-352-4847

Pre-Development Conference: 513-352-4847

Appeal Board: Several boards are available to those seeking relief from the interpretations, orders, or rulings of the Department. Please contact the appropriate board at the following phone numbers:

Board of Building Appeals: 513-352-3359

Board of Housing Appeals: 513-352-3359

Zoning Board of Appeals: 513-352-3359

Inquiries & Complaints: Please contact the section which has jurisdiction over the problem. Where code violations do exist, the section will take action to end the violation or to abate the nuisance. Doing so may involve a combination of personal contacts, official notices, and ultimately the filing of charges in Municipal Court. All of these actions can take a period of time before the problem is corrected.

Electrical Permit Process

Electrical permits, inspections and plan review are outsourced to the Inspection Bureau, Inc. (IBI).

The IBI process is fully integrated with the City's electronic building permit processes. The electrical contractor submits permit applications and plans directly to IBI at their office.

Turnaround Time:

  • Electrical Plan Review: 3 days
  • Electrical Permits (at IBI's counter): 15 minutes

Permit submittals and scheduling requests can also be submitted online.

In extremely rare cases, a developer or builder may choose to undertake these tasks instead of the electrical contractor. In these cases, the developer or builder may complete the necessary forms at the Permit Center and IBI will pick them up.

IBI has staff dedicated to the Permit Center that is immediately accessible via telephone should any questions arise.

For more information, please call IBI at 513-381-6080.