City Planning

City Planning

Construction Inspections

Minimum Required Inspections

The following is a list of state-required inspections that apply to all new and additions to commercial and residential construction projects.

Existing residential and commercial renovations will require some, if not all of the required inspections.

Soil Inspection

Where a declaration of contract with a geotechnical engineer is not required, contact the General Building inspector to schedule the inspection.

Electrical inspection for grounding should be scheduled at this time; the Inspection Bureau Inc. phone number is 513-381-6080.

Foundation Inspection

When reinforcing steel is listed on the approved plan as required, an inspection shall be performed to verify its placement. Contact the General Building inspector to schedule the inspection.

Basement Slab Inspection

Prior to placing concrete in the lowest level of the structure, it will be necessary to call for a sub-grade and vapor barrier inspection. Contact the General Building inspector to schedule the inspection.

Plumbing Inspection and test of the under-slab piping is required prior to slab placement. Contact the Plumbing inspector between 7 and 8:30 a.m. for same-day inspection.

Framing Inspection and Initial Fire Stop Inspection

Mechanical, plumbing and electrical rough inspections are required prior to scheduling the framing inspection. Please contact the appropriate section to schedule theses inspections.

A framing inspection shall be performed after the rough mechanical, plumbing and electrical inspections have been approved. Contact the General Building inspector to schedule the inspection.

Insulation Inspection and Balance of Fire Stop Inspection

Inspection shall be performed just prior to drywall installation. Contact the General Building inspector to schedule the inspection.

Final Inspection

Final inspection will consist of final inspection approval from the following sections: Plumbing, Electric (Inspection Bureau Inc.) and Mechanical.

In addition to those final approvals, the General Building inspector will verify that substantial compliance with the approved building permit plan has been achieved. Exterior site conditions will also be verified at this time.

Certificate of Occupancy

A Certificate of Occupancy (CO) will be issued upon all final inspections being approved.

In the event that occupancy is requested prior to all work being completed, a temporary conditional occupancy can be applied for under the following conditions:

  • 98% completion certificate received from IBI.
  • Plumbing final performed with the minimum fixtures in place.
  • HVAC completed to minimum code compliance standards.
  • Final grades with adequate erosion controls in place.
  • Minimum required safety standards have been met.

Note: Initial Temporary COs will be issued for a maximum of 90 days and thereafter are renewable every 30 days.