Hearing Of Zoning Hearing Examiner

Hearing Of Zoning Hearing Examiner

The Zoning Hearing Examiner will hold a hearing on June 5, 2013 at 9:00 AM in the First Floor Conference Room of the Business Development and Permit Center, 3300 Central Pkwy., Cincinnati, Ohio 45255.

The hearings are open to the public.

Cases to be considered are:

  • ZH20130056 - 2960 Observatory Avenue
  • ZH20130057 - 1204 Herschel Woods Lane
  • ZH20130058 - 3660 Vineyard Place
  • ZH20130059 - 205 W. McMillan Street
  • ZH20130060 - 2015 Fairfax Avenue

Information regarding the cases to be considered at the hearings can be obtained by contacting Rodney Ringer by phone at 513-352-4847 or by email at rodney.ringer@cincinnati-oh.gov.

Information regarding the hearing process can be found at the Zoning Hearing Examiner page.

A personal listening device or a speech interpreter for the hearing impaired will be provided upon request.