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City Planning

Creating An Abundant Community

Creating An Abundant Community In Cincinnati

We would like to extend an invitation to a great session that the Community Building Institute at Xavier University (CBI),  the City of Cincinnati and the group Cincinnati Civic Engagement Works are hosting.

An evening with John McKnight and Peter Block is an opportunity for all of us to hear from two international experts in the art and practice of civic engagement. 

About The Speakers

John McKnight is one of the co-founders of the Asset-Based Community Development Institute. ABCD is a model that created the operating principals that CBI was founded on. It drives much of their work, and being able to hear from John is a great opportunity here in Cincinnati.

John has been collaborating with Peter Block over the past several years. Peter is an international expert in organizational development and change management, and locally the founder of A Small Group.

Together, the two have written the book "The Abundant Community. "

What Will I Learn?

This session will enhance all our work and help guide us in more effective ways as we approach better civic engagement in Cincinnati, as called for in Plan Cincinnati

WHEN: Monday, Aug. 26, 2013 at 6:30 p.m.

WHERE: Cintas Center at Xavier University

PRICE: Free! (But please be sure to register.)

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