Preparing Your Plans

Plans and associated construction documents for new construction and major alteration work for buildings and structures regulated by the Ohio Basic Building Code are required to be prepared by an Ohio registered architect or professional engineer.

Plans for one-, two- and three-family detached dwellings, in general, do not require sealed documents.

Alterations and repairs not involving the analysis or design of the means of egress, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing or fire protection are exempted from the certification requirements.

Questions regarding the applicability of the certification requirements for a specific project should be directed to the Building Plans Examination Section by calling 513-352-3313.

Plans prepared by an architect registered in the State of Ohio must be embossed with the architect’s seal over an ink signature on the title and/or first sheet of each set of drawings, as well as the title page of bound specifications and other contract documents submitted initially or as revisions. In addition, a rubber stamp or other reproducible facsimile of the seal must be applied to all tracings to produce a legible reproduction on all copies or prints.

Plans prepared by a registered professional engineer in the State of Ohio must be certified by the application of an ink stamp seal or an embossing seal impression over a reproduction of the seal on each sheet of drawing and the title page of any other contract drawing and the title page of any other contract documents for which the engineer is responsible.

When structural plans for other than one-, two- and three-family dwellings are prepared by a registered engineer or architect, 3 copies of the "Statement of Special Inspections" should accompany the plans.

These are general requirement, which may not apply to all situations. The Plan Examination Section will provide any further details you may need about plans and requirements. Please call 513-352-3313 during office hours.