Parking Amnesty Warning

Pay Unpaid Parking Tickets Now Or Cars Will Be Impounded

$12.3M Due; 62K People Owe Tickets

The City of Cincinnati's Parking Amnesty Program, which runs through June 30th, includes a 50% discount on unpaid parking violations that were incurred before July 1, 2010.

With almost 62,000 people owing an estimate of $12.3 million, the City is encouraging citizens to immediately pay unpaid parking tickets right away to avoid additional fines and towing.

"We do hope citizens take advantage the Parking Amnesty Program," said Reginald Zeno, Finance Director for the City of Cincinnati. "This is an opportunity for citizens to wipe the slate clean to avoid additional enforcement and collection."

What Citizens Need to Know

  • New license plate technology automatically identifies cars with multiple unpaid parking tickets.
  • Citizens may not be able to renew Ohio license plates or driver’s licenses.
  • While the parking amnesty runs through the end of June, citizens with multiple unpaid parking tickets should understand that cars can be towed at any time.
  • Citizens will be required to pay the original amount of the ticket, plus an impound fee of $150 and daily storage fee of $25.

"With the stepped up enforcement, the Cincinnati Police Department encourages every citizen who has unpaid delinquent parking tickets to take advantage of the current amnesty program and pay out their overdue citations at the reduced rate," said Lt. Col. Michael Cureton, Interim Police Chief. "Citizens with unpaid parking tickets run the risk of having their vehicles impounded on the spot, which results in additional expense and unnecessary inconvenience."

For more information on the parking amnesty program, visit the Tax Amnesty Program website at or call the parking Amnesty hotline at (513) 352-3223.

To pay an unpaid parking ticket, contact the Patricia M. Clancy, Hamilton County Clerk of Courts at (513) 946-6000 or