Ohio River Trail

Ohio River Trail: Collins Avenue To Corbin Street


Once completed, the Ohio River Trail will span 23 miles along the north bank of the Ohio River from Coney Island through Downtown to Sayler Park. The trail will enhance quality of life, increase mobility and recreational opportunities, and support economic development. The trail will connect our neighborhoods to Downtown and the world-class Cincinnati Riverfront Park. It will also complete the connection from Downtown to the Little Miami Scenic Trail that will eventually extend to Lake Erie.

Several segments of the trail have already been completed:

  • 0.6 mile segment through T.M. Berry International Friendship Park
  • 1 mile segment from Corbin Street to the intersection of Congress and Kellogg Avenues
  • 0.5 mile segment from Congress Avenue to Carrel Street
  • 0.4 mile segment from Carrel Street to the Lunken Airport Trail
  • 1.3 miles that are part of the Lunken Bike Path

Current Focus

Several conceptual design options have been developed for the Collins Avenue to Corbin Street segment of trail. These designs were shared with the public during the spring of 2011.

Based on both further analysis and the feedback received during the public input period, a preliminary alignment has been selected. The alignment was presented to the public at an open house in November 2011.

Preliminary Alignment

A 15-foot wide shared-use path would be constructed primarily on or at the top of the bank of the Ohio River except in areas where physical constraints and/or right-of-way availability prohibit construction.

Next Steps

The project team will review the input that was received at the November 2011 open house, and incorporate the feedback into the remainder of the design process where possible.

Detailed design on the project will continue with upcoming activities that include the following:

  • Continued coordination with project stakeholders
  • Refinement of trail alignment and design details
  • Environmental research and studies for the selected alignment
  • Geotechnical analysis and design of retaining walls/bridges

The next public involvement meeting is expected to occur in Spring 2012. After this meeting the project team will begin work on the final design and construction cost estimates. Final construction drawings are expected to be complete by August 2012. The timing of construction will depend on the availability of funding.