Free Parking For All-Electric Vehicles

The All-Electric Vehicle Incentive Program offers free parking to all-electric vehicles at two City-owned garages located in the Downtown area.

This incentive program also includes free parking to all-electric vehicles at any parking meter within the Cincinnati city limits.

Parking in the designated City owned garages will be on a first-come, first-served basis with no overnight privileges.

This free parking program is for all-electric cars only and does not include hybrid vehicles.

Electric cars parked at a parking meter will not be exempt from parking meter restrictions. Electric cars will receive free parking for the time permitted by the parking meter.

Designated City-Owned Garages/Lots

  • Fountain Square South (416 Vine St.)
  • Garfield Garage (13 W. Ninth St.)

Apply & Participate

Applications are accepted both via e-mail or in person.

*Please make an appointment if you plan to apply in person; details are included in the application form.

Download An Application