Solar Panels On College Hill Rec Center

Aug. 31

Solar Panels on College Hill Rec Center Are Operational

System Will Produce 180,000 Kilowatt Hours Per Year

Mayor Mark Mallory today announced that the installation of the new system of solar panels on the College Hill Recreation Center is complete and the system is fully operational. The new system includes 672 solar panels installed on the roof of the recreation center gym.

The 158 kilowatt (kW) system is expected to produce 180,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) per year, which is enough energy to power 16 average homes for a year.

"The City of Cincinnati now has 20 solar power systems installed on City Buildings," Mayor Mark Mallory said. "And we are going to keep going. Every solar power project reduces the amount of energy that we need from the grid and helps make our operations more sustainable for the future. This is part of our vision to make City Government more efficient through smart, innovative initiatives."

The solar power system on the College Hill Recreation Center is the first project resulting from the City's solar power purchase agreement with the Sun Team. Under the agreement, the Sun Team installs a solar power system at no cost to the City, and the City agrees to buy the energy produced at a price that starts slightly below the current market rate, and stays low for the entire 20-year term of the contract, eliminating the volatility of the traditional utility market.

The partnership is currently installing another solar power system at the Beekman City Garage. The system is made up of 886 solar panels that will produce 239,000 kWh per year, and should be completed by September. In total, phase 1 of the solar purchase agreement will produce 560,000 kWh, which is enough to power 49 average homes for a year.

The City and the Sun Team are in discussions about City Buildings that could receive solar panel systems in phase 2 of the partnership. The Sun Team is a partnership between Solar Power and Light, LLC, Dovetail Solar and Wind, and Tremco Roofing & Building Maintenance. Financing for the installation and ongoing operations & maintenance is being provided by Solar Power and Light.

The partnership with the Sun Team builds on the City's previous successful solar power projects, including the Duke Energy Convention Center, at Findlay Market, on the Metropolitan Sewer District building, and the City’s largest solar system at Water Works. The Parks Department’s renewable energy program has also installed solar panels at 13 different facilities.

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