Green Cincinnati Plan

Green Cincinnati Plan (2013)

The five-year update of the Green Cincinnati Plan was approved by City Council on Wednesday, June 12, 2013.  The Green Cincinnati Plan (2013), and Appendix can be found below:

Background on the Green Cincinnati Plan

In 2008 Cincinnati adopted the Green Cincinnati Plan as a roadmap for how Cincinnati can be a national leader in addressing global climate change -- and make Cincinnati a healthier place to live.

The Green Cincinnati Plan identified more than 80 specific recommendations for how to reduce contributions to global climate change. The recommended actions generally shared several characteristics: 1) effectively reducing green house gas emissions 2) reducing dependence on non-renewable energy sources 3) saving more money than the recommended actions cost 4) supporting local job creation and the local economy 5) helping clean Cincinnati's air, land, and water and 6) relying on voluntary rather than regulatory approaches. 

The Green Cincinnati Plan also quantified annual contributions to global climate change at 8.5 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) for the City of Cincinnati, and 432,000 tons of CO2e for Cincinnati City government. At 25.5 tons per person, Cincinnati is slightly above the national average of 24.5 tons per person.  The Plan established greenhouse gas emission reduction goals of 8% within four years, 40% within 20 years, and 84% by 2050 (42 years).

Making It Happen

After five years, most of the recommendations of the Plan were being implemented according to schedule and the City had met its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by two percent per year.  To build on this progress, an updated version of the Plan was created.  Developed in partnership with Green Umbrella, the regions sustainability alliance, the Green Cincinnati Plan (2013) adds to the sustainability framework of the 2008 Plan.  New chapters on water, outdoor recreation and climate adaptation continue to move the city’s sustainability efforts forward and evolving partnerships create opportunities to accomplish more together.  Find your place in the Green Cincinnati Plan and help the City on its journey to be the greenest city in the Midwest.