Youth 2 Work Program

Cincinnati Youth To Work

The City's Youth 2 Work Program is a consortium of City departments, local nonprofit organizations and an annually selected organization to recruit, train and employ youth on behalf of the City of Cincinnati.  The 2013 program will run June through August and employ youth in part- and full-time jobs, in a variety of roles, including the areas of horticulture, recreation, police, art, technology and science. 

Opportunities with the Urban League of Greater Cincinnati, the City's 2014 summer employment provider, include career-focused positions in various departments of the City of Cincinnati. Student workers are given job readiness skills such as financial literacy training, college readiness, professional development, and leadership classes to ensure they maintain momentum toward success.


Mayor's Green Leaf Program
Mayor's Green Leaf Program

The Mayor’s Green Leaf Summer Youth Jobs Program is an 8-week summer job program for up to 25 hours per week.