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3 Nurses Recognized For Nightingale Awards

Apr. 24

3 Cincinnati Health Department Nurses Recognized For Florence Nightingale Awards

The Cincinnati Board of Health will honor three Cincinnati Health Department (CHD) public health nurses who won this year's Florence Nightingale Award for Excellence in Nursing. The nurses will be recognized at 6 p.m. tonight at the Board of Health Meeting, in the Delores L. Bowen Auditorium located at 3101 Burnet Ave.

Two of CHD's winning nurses work in the School and Adolescent Health Nursing Program, and one works at the Elm Street Health Center. In addition to the awards, each of the winners will receive a monetary gift of $1,000.

"Every day our public health nurses go above and beyond in their ability to help our residents thrive," said CHD Nursing Director Kelli Kohake. "We are truly pleased with their achievements and proud of their diligent work on behalf of our City."

Beth Gay, a 20-year employee who works for the Immunization Action Plan at CHD's Elm Street Health Center, is in large part to thank for the dramatic increase in immunizations for children ages 2 and under.  

Susan Minton has worked as a public health nurse at the Roberts Paideia Academy for the last three years. Her ability to communicate to the students and parents helps narrow the language barrier at this mostly Spanish-speaking school.

Kathy Zix has worked for CHD as a public health nurse since 2000 and at Winton Hills Academy for the last four years. Kathy treats students with a wide range of health issues including ADHD, diabetes and asthma. 

CHD employs 107 nurses in a wide array of positions. Public health nurses work in many Cincinnati Public schools. Some of the services these nurses provide include: hearing and vision screenings, oral health assessments, helping students with chronic illnesses, health education programs and identifying health hazards or potential communicable diseases in a school.

CHD nurses also serve in Health Department Health Centers, Quality Assurance, Immunizations, Communicable Disease Control and provide in- home care through the Community Health Nursing program.

The Florence Nightingale Awards, presented by the Board of Advisors of the University of Cincinnati's School of Nursing, recognize excellence in patient care of over 300 registered nurses from the Greater Cincinnati area. Patients, family or friends of patients, colleagues, physicians and other health care workers nominate nurses. The Board of Advisors then chooses six Florence Nightingale Award winners and 10 Dean's List winners.

The Board of Advisors honored the award winners and nominees at an event on Tuesday, April 17, at the Hyatt Regency Cincinnati.

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