Health Department Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How do I report tall grass and weeds?
    Contact the Litter Control Line at 513-564-1750. The complaint will be taken and assigned to a sanitarian. A sanitarian will contact the property owner to cut grass of over 10 inches. Contact the Building & Inspections Office at 513-352-3275 for complaints about vacant residential buildings.  
  2. An apartment is infested with rats or roaches. 
    Contact the Healthy Homes  Line at 513-352-2908. A complaint will be taken and assigned to a sanitarian. A sanitarian will go to the apartment to confirm the report and will contact the landlord to remedy the problem.
  3. It's too cold in my apartment. 
    When the temperature outside is 60°F or below for more than 24 hours, the apartment heat requirements is: 70°F.  Contact the Healthy Homes Line at 513-352-2908.  A sanitarian will contact the landlord to remedy the problem.
  4. There's litter on a vacant lot.
    Contact the Litter Control  Line at 513-564-1750. A litter patrol officer  will go to the lot to confirm the report and will contact the landlord to remedy the problem.
  5. Furniture is piled up on the sidewalk. 
    Contact the Department of Public Services Line at 513-591-6000 regarding evictions.
  6. How do I report dog bites?
    Contact the Technical Environmental Line at 513-352-2922.  A sanitarian will contact the complainant and coordinate the handling of the situation with a veterinarian, the dog owner, and other parties involved.
  7. I want to report a food-borne illness. 
    Contact the Food Protection Line at 513-564-1751 to report food borne illness. A sanitarian will be assigned to investigate the problem.
  8. What's the water quality of the Ohio River?
    The Ohio River Quality Index is posted and updated at ORSANCO or click on .
  9. Where can I get a birth or death certificate?
    Contact the Cincinnati Vital Statistics Office at 513-352-3120 for information on how to obtain birth records for persons who were born anywhere in Ohio and persons who died in Cincinnati.
  10. I want information about sexually transmitted disease and AIDS/HIV. 
    Contact 513-357-7300.
  11. I'm traveling. Where can I get vaccination and communicable disease information?
    Contact the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  12. I need immunization information. 
    Contact 513-357-7390.
  13. Who can I call about the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program?
    Contact the Hamilton County Women, Infants, and Children Program at 513-821-7012.
  14. Where can I find your clinic locations and services?
    Contact the Health Department Primary Health Care Division at 513-357-7362.
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