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Health Department

About The Health Department

About The Cincinnati Health Department

The Cincinnati Health Department is working to improve the health and wellness of Cincinnati citizens, every minute of every day.

The Health Department ensures your neighborhood is protected from disease-carrying pests, your hot dog at the stadium is safe to eat, your child gets the proper immunizations, and when there’s a disease outbreak or other health threat, the department is on the scene, detecting, communicating and mitigating.

More than 400 doctors, nurses, dentists and dental workers, pharmacists, dieticians, lead experts, sanitarians, litter control experts, physical plant members, IT specialists, pest control operators and licensed risk assessors are dedicated to serving the people of Cincinnati. They serve in health centers, through the school nursing program, in neighborhoods, on the streets and influence policy in government settings.

The Cincinnati Health Department’s model is unique: unlike many health departments, Cincinnati has a long and proud tradition of operating health centers -- with on-site medical, dental, behavioral, pharmacy and laboratory services. The Health Department serves more than 35,000 patients, a majority of whom are indigent, working poor, homeless or uninsured, whose illnesses, if not prevented or treated early, could impact Cincinnati area's health care system and costs significantly.

But that's just part of what the Health Department does. The Health Department's services touch every family in Cincinnati in one way or another. Here are just some of the services we provided and numbers of people we served last year:


Clinical Services

Nursing Services

Environmental Services