Fire Department

Fire Department

CBRNE Bureau

Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosive Bureau

The Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosive Bureau (CBRNE) operates in support of the Cincinnati Fire Department in the areas of terrorism and all-hazards planning and training, and is designed to collaborate with the multi-disciplined regional partners including law enforcement, public health, hospitals, and emergency management, and elected officials in the coordinated planning mission for all hazards and terrorist incidents.

The chief concern of the Bureau is to handle Weapon of Mass Destructions, which are substances, materials or devices, used by a terrorist organization to cause mass casualties, great damage to buildings or infrastructure, chaos in government and/or many other items to create havoc in our communities.

The Cincinnati Fire Department’s CBRNE Unit coordinated City and County response planning for Weapons of Mass Destruction. Response plans covered major casualty incidents (MCI). This included monitor and detection of hazardous materials and extrication of civilians during a mass casualty event. This unit was also responsible for the development and purchase of decontamination trailers and mass casualty units.

The CBRNE unit developed a simulated explosion of Procter and Gamble’s World Headquarters. The purpose of this exercise was to develop continuity of business and the interaction between public and private agencies during a mass casualty incident. The Cincinnati Red Cross was a major contributor to this exercise.