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Emergency preparedness is the preparation and planning necessary to effectively handle an emergency. It involves individuals developing an emergency plan that identifies services they require, and what resources they need to have on hand in case of an emergency.

Emergency plans should be written and given to loved ones, care givers and other relevant parties.

When it comes to emergency planning, you know yourself and your needs the best, so you are the ideal person to create your personalized emergency preparedness plan.

People who cannot independently create an emergency preparedness plan will need assistance from caregivers and others who support them.

When creating your personal preparedness plan, it is important to identify the following:

  • Responsible party for carrying out specific actions;
  • Personnel, equipment, supplies, medications and needs specific to an individual;
  • Emergency contact information;
  • Other resources available for use in the emergency; and
  • An outline of how all actions will be coordinated.

Depending on your disability, your specific emergency plan may need to include resources on:

  • Type of assistance needed and instructions on how to obtain vital resources
  • Coordination of the transportation, payment and delivery of supplies