Community Priority Requests

Community Priority Requests For 2015-16 Budget

It's that time again to start the Community Priority Requests (CPR) process!

The CPR is a process in which the City obtains information from Community Councils on projects that are paramount to the preservation and/or revitalization of each neighborhood. A letter with details on the process has been sent to all Community Councils.

The information on communities' priority projects is reviewed by appropriate City Departments during their budget preparation. Potential funding options for the priority projects are considered, and recommendations on projects will be made to City Council in the proposed 2015-2016 budget.

Each City Department will review the requests received and determine which projects can be accommodated in the 2015-2016 budget.

Once the requests have been submitted by Community Councils by August 8, 2014, a Project Disposition Report will be prepared and the Community Councils will be notified of the status of their projects in April 2015.

City Council will determine which projects will be funded during the budget process.

If your Community Council needs any additional information, please contact Ann Marie Kerby at 513-352-4886 or