Winton Road Improvements

Winton Road Rehabilitation Project

As a part of the City of Cincinnati's ongoing investment in the neighborhood of Spring Grove Village, the Department of Transportation and Engineering will begin a street rehabilitation project on Winton Road between Gray and North Bend Road.

On Monday, April 1, 2013, Little Miami Construction Co. , Inc. a contractor for the City of Cincinnati, will begin work to rehabilitate the project and will consist of providing new concrete walks, curb ramps, driveway aprons, retaining walls and new signals at North Bend Road.

The pavement restoration will consist of full-depth pavement repair, pavement grinding, asphalt base construction and a new asphalt surface course. Access to and from all residences will be maintained.

Motorists are urged to reduce speed and use caution when driving through the construction area.

The company is scheduled to finish the project by December 2013.