White Street Closure

White Street Cul De Sac Closed For Improved Safety

As part of the City of Cincinnati’s ongoing Harrison Avenue Improvement project, White Street between Fairmount Avenue and Harrison Avenue, is closed as of today, June 19, 2013.

White Street approaches Harrison Avenue at a very steep grade (20%) and does not have a signal at the intersection. Vehicles turning onto Harrison Avenue from White Street encounter difficulties due to the steep grade and poor visibility with conflicting traffic traveling on Harrison Avenue.

Conversely, vehicles slowing or stopping to turn onto White Street from Harrison Avenue, results in delays to through traffic because this section of Harrison Avenue does not have dedicated turn lanes.

Removing access to White Street from Harrison Avenue is intended to improve safety.  Vehicles will now be required to use the next intersection to (Fairmount Avenue) to make this maneuver. 

"While this may present an inconvenience to a few, the new roadway design should significantly lower the accident rate and really improve safety for everyone who uses Harrison Avenue," said Michael Moore, Director of the Department of Transportation and Engineering.