'Name The Street' Finalists Chosen

'Name the Street' Finalists Selected

City Of Cincinnati Asks Public To Name New Road

The City of Cincinnati started the "Name the Street" contest by asking citizens to suggest names for a new street. More than 200 suggestions poured into the City's Kennedy Connector Facebook page earlier this month.

A committee comprised of neighborhood residents, members of the media, and City employees has pared the list down to five finalists.

The City has constructed a new road that will help to tie the new section of Kennedy Avenue into I-71 South and the Norwood Lateral. The new road connects to Ridge and Alamo Avenues to provide the same access to the highways for both of those streets.

Kennedy Connector new street

Beginning Monday, August 26, voting will begin on the Kennedy Connector Facebook page to select the winning name. Voting will end on Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2013.

The five choices are:

  • Kennison: Combination of "Kennedy" and "Madison."
  • William Brown: Cincinnati pioneer. Received Purple Heart from George Washington.
  • HB Stowe: Harriet Beecher Stowe. Abolitionist, Uncle Tom's Cabin author, one-time Cincinnati resident.
  • Mill Ridge: "Mill" in honor of the former Cincinnati Milacron site and "Ridge" from the nearby road.
  • Kennector: Combination of "Kennedy" and "Connector."

Once the final name is chosen, the City will add a designation (Rd, St, etc.).

"We had so many great suggestions," said Jared McFaddin, Senior Engineer for the project. "I am sure the members of the committee had to leave off some names they really liked."

Suggestions included plays on words describing the area and/or nearby streets, famous people with connections to Cincinnati, and historical businesses from the area. Several people wanted to name the street after themselves.

"This has been a fun way to get the public involved in the Kennedy Connector project," said McFaddin. "I'm looking forward to the final results so we can get the new signs ordered."

The person who suggested the name selected will be invited to a ceremony to mark the end of the nearly two-year project.


The Kennedy Connector project will improve the capacity, geometry, and road connectivity in the Ridge Road/Madison Road Corridor. It will do so by creating a new section of Kennedy Avenue that will connect Duck Creek and Madison Roads and will improve connectivity to the Norwood Lateral and I-71. Other area road and infrastructure improvements will be made in the area as part of the project.