Name The Newest Street In Cincinnati

Name The Newest Street In Cincinnati

City Asks Public To Name A New Road

You could name the newest street in the City of Cincinnati.

The Kennedy Connector project, which is extending Kennedy Avenue south to Madison Road, will include a brand-new city street that will intersect the new portion of Kennedy about midway down.

The street will help tie the new section of Kennedy into I-71 South and the Norwood Lateral, while also linking to Ridge and Alamo Avenues to provide the same access to the highways for both of those streets.

Kennedy Connector map

"This will be a very short road, but it will do a big job," said Michael Moore, Director of the Department of Transportation and Engineering. "It deserves a great name."

Beginning July 15, 2013, you can post your idea for the name of the new street on the Kennedy Connector Facebook page (

Nominations must be submitted before Aug. 2, 2013.

A naming committee, which will include residents from nearby neighborhoods and members of the Cincinnati media, will review all of the nominations and select a handful of finalists.

The public will then be able to vote on the finalist by visiting the Kennedy Connector Facebook page beginning Aug. 12, 2013.

People can suggest historical, geographical, directional or descriptive names. The City will accept any name that no more than 13 letters, not including designation abbreviation (i.e. "St," "Ave," etc.). Names cannot be offensive or derogatory, nor can they be commercial in nature.

"Someone is going to come up with a name that will be on that road sign for generations," said Melissa McVay, Senior City Planner in the Department of Transportation and Engineering.

About The Kennedy Connector

The Kennedy Connector project will improve the capacity, geometry, and road connectivity in the Ridge Road/Madison Road Corridor. It will do so by creating a new section of Kennedy Avenue that will connect Duck Creek and Madison Roads, and will improve connectivity to the Norwood lateral and I-71. Other area road and infrastructure improvements will be made in the area as part of the project.