Kennedy Connector To Open Today

Kennedy Connector to Open Today

Project Reaches 'Substantial Completion'

The City of Cincinnati has substantially completed the Kennedy Connector project and will open all related streets to traffic this afternoon (Dec. 30, 2013) just prior to the afternoon commute.

While minor work will continue take place, nothing is planned that will have a major impact on traffic in the area.

The key component of the project was to extend Kennedy Avenue from Duck Creek Road to Madison Road. This new section of road features four lanes (plus turn lanes) and sidewalks on both sides of the street.

This new section of Kennedy also provides new and improved access to Interstate 71 and the Norwood Lateral.

"The extension of Kennedy Avenue will provide more options for motorists and should improve traffic flow in the area, especially during morning and evening rush hours," said John Brazina Supervising Engineer. "As vehicles start using this route, we expect to see less congestion and improved traffic flow."

The project also included several other improvements for traffic and infrastructure:

  • Building the extension of Kennedy Avenue from Duck Creek Road to Madison Road
  • Construction of a new bridge over the Duck Creek
  • Construction of a new bridge over an existing rail line
  • Realignment of Ibsen Avenue, that will terminate into the new Kennedy
  • Installation of new water mains, including a 48-inch pipe that runs under Madison, then turns north and follows the new section of Kennedy
  • Complete curb-to-curb resurfacing of Madison between Ridge Avenue and Kennedy
  • Installing new pavement at Duck Creek Rd to and through the new intersection at Kennedy
  • Realignment and safety improvements of multiple intersections in the area
  • Building Mill Ridge Road to access Interstate 71 and the Norwood Lateral

"It's not often that a mature city has the opportunity to undertake a project like this," said Michael Moore, Director of the Department of Transportation & Engineering. "We built a new road, two new bridges, and new Interstate access during this project. We don't get to do that very often."

The project construction cost nearly $21,000,000.

"Our crews put in a lot of long days to deliver this project on time, and a lot of care was taken to keep costs within the project's budget," said Michael Prus, Vice President of Prus Construction. "This is a project we can be very proud of that will benefit the community."

The Kennedy Connector project has been named Ohio Concrete Project of the Year for Southwest Ohio.

While major construction work is complete and the roads will be opened this afternoon, crews will continue minor work in the area that is not expected to impact traffic for extended periods.

Also, additional temperature-sensitive work will need to be completed when temperatures are warmer, possibly in the spring.

About The Kennedy Connector

The Kennedy Connector project will build a new extension of Kennedy Avenue that will connect Duck Creek Road and Madison. The new road will improve traffic flow and safety. It also will provide new opportunities for economic development. The project began this spring and is expected to take nearly two years to complete.