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Transportation & Engineering

Northside Arterial Project

Northside Arterial Project


As part of the I-75/I-74 Mill Creek Expressway Project, existing ramps forming partial interchanges with I-74/I-75 are proposed to be closed and removed.

Ramps being eliminated include the Elmore Street exit ramp from I-74 and the Spring Grove Avenue entrance ramp to I-74. The closures are necessary due to several factors, including:

  • physical conflict with new ramp construction
  • lack of available space to relocate affected service ramps
  • low traffic utilization
  • prohibition of partial interchanges

Within the Northside Arterial Project study area, alternative Interstate access to Northside and the surrounding communities will be available at the enhanced Colerain Avenue/Beekman Street/I-74 interchange.

Many Northside residents, business owners, and employees at local businesses have communicated concerns over impacts to their community resulting from reduced Interstate access.

In regard to the public’s concerns, the Northside Arterial Project was established by the City of Cincinnati with support from the Ohio Department of Transportation as a response to correct the transportation issues caused by the improvements to I-74.

Project Goals

The Northside Arterial Project goals include:

  • improving safety and capacity on the Northside arterials
  • addressing geometric and access changes to the local traffic pattern to accommodate traffic pattern changes from the Interstate 74/Colerain Avenue interchange project

The project proposes roadway, bicycle and pedestrian improvements along Colerain Avenue from the I-74 exit ramp to Blue Rock Street; and along Blue Rock Street from Colerain Avenue to Spring Grove Avenue.

The project also proposes intersection improvements at Colerain Avenue/Blue Rock Street, Blue Rock Street/Hamilton Avenue and Blue Rock Street/Spring Grove Avenue.

Improvements to the Colerain Avenue-Spring Grove Avenue-Elmore Street triangular network and a Powers Street/Powers Place connector intersecting at Colerain Avenue are also proposed as part of the project.

The project is scheduled to begin construction in the summer of 2015.