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Transportation & Engineering


Clifton Heights StreetscapeCincinnati's Streetscapes

The Division of Transportation Planning and Urban Design, Office of Architecture and Urban Design, designs neighborhood streetscapes and unique public spaces.

Cincinnati's streets play an important role in the livability, vitality and character of our neighborhoods and commercial areas. It is the design and the rejuvenation of the streets, via infrastructure renovations and beautification, which lies at the heart of our mission.

We strive to promote the economic and social development of neighborhood commercial areas through renovating and improving the quality of our streetscapes, thereby beautifying the City and creating a greener, more friendly environment in which citizens live, work and play.

Our office works closely with the Office of Economic Development (the funding agency), community civic leaders, neighborhood businesses and stakeholders to design and implement a neighborhood streetscape to meet the outlined goals for each project.

Improvements may include pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular improvements, sustainable methods and materials, traffic and parking improvements, street lighting, street trees and landscaping, street furniture, sidewalks, curb extensions or realignments, traffic signal upgrades, utility undergrounding, gateways, environmental graphics and the creation of public space in the public right of way.

The making of Complete Streets, accessible to all forms of transportation, is an integral part of our design and planning.

Recently completed streetscapes include Oakley, Mt. Adams, Vine Street OTR, Clifton Heights at Calhoun and Mt. Lookout Square.