Transportation & Engineering

Transportation & Engineering

DOTE Permits & Licenses

Transportation & Engineering Permits

The Department of Transportation and Engineering Permit and License Center lets you process right-of-way permit requests and initiate information referrals in one central location.

Permit Services Available

Note: For many of these permits, you must submit plans or other documents. Call ahead to find out what you may need to bring.

  • Driveway Permit: Permanent and temporary
  • Dumpster Usage Permit: For temporary refuse containers on streets
  • Excess Load Moving Permit: To move oversized, overweight and other difficult loads in or through the City of Cincinnati
  • Sidewalk/Driveway Repair Permit: Sidewalk safety program repairs
  • Street Blocking Permit: To temporarily close sidewalks and roadways within public streets for any purpose
  • Street Contractors License: To provide street damage security for work in or on city streets
  • Street Furniture/Facility Permit: Outdoor pay telephones, vending machines, benches, sign boards and others
  • Street Opening Permit: To construct and maintain streets, utilities and other infrastructure facilities within public streets
  • Subdivision Permits: New residential, commercial and industrial Utility Pole Installation/Attachment Permit for utility company use
  • Wall Opening Permit: To cut or modify an existing public wall

Customer Services Available

  • Utility Coordination for Management of Street Right-of-Way Infrastructure
  • Street Address Information
  • Technical Record Sales of Engineering Documents and Maps
  • Central Business District Work Schedule Coordination
  • Street Privilege Requests and Information
  • Street Activity Information
  • Other Services available by calling (513) 352-3463

Payment Options

  • VISA and MASTERCARD credit cards are accepted.
  • Escrow account service is available upon request.

No-Stop Permits

In association with certain cashiering services, some permits can conveniently be issued to you by mail or faxed directly to your home, business, or even to the job site.