Transportation & Engineering

Transportation & Engineering


Ongoing programs ensure that City infrastructure remains in useful working order.

Detour For Watermain
Bike Program

The mission of the City of Cincinnati Bicycle Transportation Program is to make bicycling an integral part of daily life in Cincinnati, so that persons of all ages and abilities utilize bicycles for all types of trips.


The primary goal of the Department of Transportation and Engineering is to provide for the safety and mobility of the traveling public. Structural Engineering's primary goal is to preserve the structural integrity of all bridges for which it has maintenance responsibility.

Cincinnati Gateways

The goal of the Downtown Gateway Program is to enhance downtown Cincinnati’s "front doors" by not only constructing improvements in the areas seen by the most people, but by doing so in a way that provides a unique identity and sense of place for each location and the edges of the City.

Hillside Steps

There are nearly 400 sets of City hillside stairways that serve the residents, visitors and commuters in the City of Cincinnati. 

Permits & Licenses

The Department of Transportation and Engineering Permit and License Center lets you process right-of-way permit requests and initiate information referrals in one central location.

Retaining Walls & Landslides

With nearly 50 miles of city-owned retaining walls and some of the most dynamic hillsides anywhere, Cincinnati's undulating terrain presents an ongoing challenge to the technical staff of the Structures Section. The local geology and past development practices have left many miles of roadway affected by hillside movement.

Sidewalk Safety Program

The Sidewalk Safety Program is a major infrastructure program. Sidewalks represent a major investment by the citizens of Cincinnati and are an important part of a balanced transportation system.

Street Calming

The City of Cincinnati shall make every reasonable effort to improve the environment and livability of its residential neighborhoods.

Street Improvements

The City prepares plans for projects to improve traffic flow on Through Streets. These improvements can include widening, addition of curbs, or realignment of a street.

Street Rehabilitation

The Street Rehab Program handles street resurfacing and significant curb repairs. This work includes grinding off old roadway surfaces, repaving with new asphalt, and repairing/replacing curbs where necessary.


The Division of Transportation Planning and Urban Design, Office of Architecture and Urban Design, designs neighborhood streetscapes and unique public spaces.