References & Resources
Consolidated Plan

The Consolidated Plan provides the framework for the process that will be used by the City to identify housing homeless, special populations, and community and economic development needs and resources and to tailor a strategic plan for meeting those needs.

Cincinnati Economic and Community Development Loan Pool Application

Application to the HUD Section 108 program to establish a $37 million dollar loan pool to fund strategically-identified development needs in the City of Cincinnati.

NOFA: Notice Of Funding Availability

The Notice of Funding Availability provides gap financing to projects that have significant impact on Cincinnati communities.

Community Council Directory

Get information about Cincinnati's neighborhoods and community councils.

Impediments To Fair Housing Choice In Hamilton County

This report is an analysis of impediments to fair housing choice for Cincinnati and the balance of Hamilton County.

City-County Fair Housing Action Plan

The City of Cincinnati and Hamilton County developed this plan in response to the Impediments to Fair Housing Choice analysis.