Vacant Foreclosed Property Registration

Vacant Foreclosed Property Registration

Who Must Register?

Effective April 12, 2014, the Vacant Foreclosed Residential Property Registration Ordinance is amended. A mortgagee who files a foreclosure on a residential property anywhere within the corporate limits of the City of Cincinnati after the foreclosure is filed and when the property is vacant. A property that is in a foreclosure proceeding and is not vacant, need not be registered until vacant. The property must be registered within 10 days of becoming vacant when a foreclosure has been filed.

How Do I Register?

If a property is foreclosed and vacant, the mortgagee must complete the registration form (available for downloading via the following link) and pay the registration fee of $500 per building. 

Registration Form & FAQs

Maintenance Information

  • Properties must be maintained free of outwards appearances of foreclosure and vacancy during the registration period.
  • No signs or placards on the exterior of the building on in the windows indicating that the property is vacant or foreclosed;
  • Grass shall be no higher than 10 inches at any time and the property maintained free of all noxious weeds, and litter.
  • The premises shall remain secure and locked. Broken windows and doors which are visible from the right-of-way may be covered with plywood or similar boarding material on an emergency basis, but for no more than ten business days, while arrangements are being made to replace broken glass or broken parts of existing windows and doors. Otherwise windows and doors visible from the public right-of-way must be maintained in good repair and not boarded.
  • Handbills, circulars, and advertisement shall be removed from the porches and yards in a timely manner (within 2 business days of being notified)
  • Standing water on the premises, including but not limited to standing water in swimming pools, shall be eliminated.
  • All other applicable property maintenance provisions in the Cincinnati Municipal Code remain in effect.

Point Of Sale Inspection

At the time the court enters an order for the registered property to be sold, the City must inspect the property. Any violations noted must be corrected by the mortgagee within 30 days or the City may make the corrections and place a priority lien for the total cost on the tax duplicate. An exemption from the point of sale inspection along with a registration fee may be available if an approved alarm system is installed in the property at the time it becomes vacant. Please review the entire code Section 1123 of the Cincinnati Municipal Code for additional ordinance requirements not included in this bulletin.