Real Estate Ambassadors

Cincinnati Real Estate Ambassadors Program

The Cincinnati Real Estate Ambassadors promote urban living and help increase homeownership in the City of Cincinnati.

The program:

  • acquaints Ambassadors with the city’s housing opportunities, 52 neighborhoods, history, education, cultural amenities, business and development opportunities.
  • educates Ambassadors about special programs available for the financing and renovating of urban homes (and the City agencies dedicated to these programs).
  • provide Ambassadors with information and resources helpful to relocating buyers.
  • encourages Ambassadors to share their knowledge with other agents.
  • creates partnerships with the City of Cincinnati agencies, businesses, schools and non-profits.
  • increases public awareness of the Cincinnati Ambassadors.
  • encourages use of the unique abilities of trained Ambassadors for relocation and referral needs.

Getting Involved

  • The Mayor of the City of Cincinnati will select the participants.
  • An application will be used to determine interest and what the participant will add to the organization.
  • Representation from a range of brokerages and areas of the city is encouraged.
  • Selected Ambassadors should either live in the city, work in an office in the city or have a minimum listings or sales in the city.
  • 52 Realtors will be chosen, reflecting the 52 city neighborhoods. However, Realtors may not necessarily live in each of those neighborhoods.
  • Ambassadors will be selected for a two-year term.
  • Ambassadors may apply for additional terms.