Keys To Success: Community Commitment

Keys To Success: Community Commitment

Keys To Success: Community Commitment

NEP Keys To Success

To have a successful Neighborhood Enhancement Program in your community, there are some key steps that must be taken before the program begins, while it's taking place and after it has concluded.

These steps help ensure that the partnership between your community and the City brings results that can be measured and felt around your neighborhood long after the 90-day NEP effort.

Community Commitment

Stakeholders in your community must agree that work needs to be done to improve the neighborhood -- there has to be a desire to improve on the status quo.

Who are your stakeholders? They include:

  • Community Council
  • Neighborhood Business Association
  • Urban Redevelopment Group
  • Social Service Agencies
  • People living & working in the neighborhood (specifically in the focus area)
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Businesses
  • Organizations

Constructing a Community Asset Map may help in identifying potential partners.

Before the NEP can begin, these are the people who have to sign on and agree to make the NEP a priority during the 90-day period -- and beyond.

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