Neighborhood Enhancement Program

Neighborhood Enhancement Program

Neighborhood Enhancement Program

Neighborhood Enhancement Program

The Neighborhood Enhancement Program (NEP) is a 90-day collaborative effort between City departments, neighborhood residents and community organizations.

The NEP focuses on developing neighborhood assets. Integrated service delivery includes:

  • Concentrating building code enforcement
  • Identifying and "cooling down" crime hot spots
  • Cleaning up streets, sidewalks, and vacant lots
  • Beautifying landscapes, streetscapes and public right of way
  • Engaging property owners and residents to create and sustain a more livable neighborhood

Through focused, integrated and concentrated City service delivery and community redevelopment efforts, partners seek to improve the quality of life in the various communities. The targeted areas are identified through an analysis of building code violations, vacant buildings, disorder and drug calls, drug arrests, as well as incidence of graffiti, junk autos, litter and weeds.

The NEP & You: Keys To Success

Neighborhoods with the most successful NEPs have something in common: They've taken key steps before the program begins, while it's taking place and after it has concluded.

If you'd like the NEP in your community, please consider these keys to success:

Past NEP Participants & Testimonials

To date, the neighborhoods of Price Hill, Avondale, Northside, Clifton Heights/University Heights/Fairview (CUF), Westwood, Evanston, College Hill, Madisonville, Mt. Washington, Corryville and Over-the-Rhine have been NEP participants.


Media Recognition & Awards

Cincinnati's Neighborhood Enhancement Program has won numerous awards, including the "President's Award" from the Ohio Conference for Community Development.

It also receives extensive media coverage, bringing regional attention to the communities that participate.