Community Housing Development Organizations

Community Housing Development Organizations

A Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) is a private, nonprofit, community-based service organization that has obtained or intends to obtain staff with the capacity to develop affordable housing for the community it serves.

CHDOs receive federal money to develop affordable housing in their community. Beyond meeting City requirements, CHDOs must operate under applicable federal laws and U.S. Housing and Urban Development guidance:


Of the money received by the City under the federal Housing Opportunities Made Equal program, at least 15 percent is set aside for CHDOs, which are the owners, developers or sponsors of housing projects.

Furthermore, the City typically provides operating support to many of its CHDOs.

However, the CHDO program is not an entitlement. CHDO-eligible nonprofits must compete for available development dollars.

2014 Certification

To be eligible for funding, a nonprofit must be CHDO certification on an annual basis.

Existing CHDOs should complete all the forms in the CHDO Recertification Packet. Existing CHDOs that have changed their service area, by-laws, or other important legal documents should submit these changes along with the CHDO application in the CHDO manual.

New CHDOs applying for consideration should complete the forms in the CHDO Manual linked near the top of this page.

Please contact Adam Sickmiller ( or 352-4605) at the City of Cincinnati with any questions about the program.